Documentation, reviews, and use of dietary supplements


If you use products from BIOFORM, you are safe!

Bioform AS has, among other things, the following documentation:

GMP approval – see our approvals under articles
The Norwegian Food Safety Authority – see our approvals under articles
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BIOFORM follows all guidelines and current laws and regulations from the Norwegian Food Safety Authority and production in accordance with GMP.



Herbal medicine (phytotherapy) can be an alternative for many diseases and ailments. What is written about the products and their medicinal effect in certain ailments and diseases is only intended as information.

BIOFORM does not take responsibility for any damage that may occur if you choose to use products or preparations outside the specified dosage, or without contacting a therapist or doctor.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women are generally asked to contact their doctor before starting to use herbal products. The same applies to people with serious illnesses/ailments.


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