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About us

Bioform has been producing vitamins and supplements since the late 90s, focusing on pure and natural ingredients without any additives or fillers. We focus on sustainability and an ecological approach to natural nutrients.

  • Our History

    Bioform has existed since the end of the 90s and has been owned by Trond Solstrand from Norway since the year 2000. Bioform’s purpose is to help people live a healthy, long and good life with a lot of vitality. Our focus is on health from the inside out instead of from the outside, as we believe that really profound change comes from within.

    That is why Bioform produces 100% natural and pure dietary supplements without additives and fillers, so that you get as close to eating the right plants as possible. We take care of nature in the process because we believe that we have a responsibility, not only to people, but also to the environment. Specifically, this means that many of the ingredients are hand-picked and processed in a special way that is gentle on nature.

    We have some completely unique ingredients that come from the Arctic region, north of the Arctic Circle, where the sun shines 24 hours a day throughout the summer, ie throughout the growing period. Arctic berries, fruits and plants etc. are picked in nature, carefully so that it can be harvested year after year. Wild plants are simply the best for our health. Studies have shown that this makes plants, berries, fruits, herbs and mushrooms more potent with higher values of e.g. antioxidants, flavonoids and vitamins etc.

In addition to the Arctic ingredients, Bioform carefully selects the best ingredients on the world market to be able to offer the highest quality supplements to ensure your health from within.

Several of our local retailers have tested, researched and found Bioform as one of the best supplements in the world.

The ingredients in the Bioform products are in a class of their own and in many areas completely unique. Wild-growing berries, fruits, plants, mushrooms, etc. Harvested in the mountains in northern Norway. Cold pressed salmon oil Omega-3 fish oil – it does not get cleaner and better for our body.

So maybe you also should go for the best

Organic products

We only use pure natural organic products in our production


We focus on the UN’s sustainability goals in all facets of our business

None toxic

We only use natural plants and extracts without any additives

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